Coerver Program

Coerver® Coaching is a world-class football learning program inspired by the teachings of the Wiel Coerver founded in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea FC legend Charlie Cooke.

In more detail Coerver® Coaching is:

– Method of teaching football skills and technique for players of all ages but especially to players, regardless of level, aged 5-16 but also to coaches, teachers and parents.

Method that focuses on the development / improvement of the individual technique and skills of the player but also of the small competitive games (2v2,3v3,4v4).

– Recommended and supported by top football federations, football clubs, football experts / legends and companies

Coerver Program Goals

The ultimate goal of the Coerver® Coaching method is:

– To develop skillful players full of creativity and confidence in their abilities

– To make the game more enjoyable so that the player learns by playing and having fun

– To teach the player about competing and respect for everyone

– To give value to the victory, but not more than the individual performance and the character of the player

– To provide a healthy and safe educational environment that meets the strictest criteria

Dedication and love for the game

– Improve your individual technique and skills with the ball regardless of your skill level.


– Learn the techniques of the greatest players in the world and how to use them


– Be faster with and without the ball


– Have fun learning and playing football regardless of your individual performance / ability



Benefits of sports camps:

– Guaranteed skill improvement

– Motivate players to practice from home

– To love the game more

– Good and healthy habits

Coerver Coach Benefits

Provision of diplomas Youth Diploma 1, Youth Diploma 2 after the completion of seminars.

– Learn the secrets to an effective guide of learning individual technique and skills with the ball

– Enrich your exercise book and get more ideas that will help you design successful training units

Learn how to design more fun and competitive training units throughout the year

– Through our many years of experience we give you solutions to possible problems that you will face as a coach during training

Parental Benefits of Coerver Coaching

– You see clear and continuous improvement in your children

– Give your children the opportunity to learn the secrets of football with the No. 1 method of teaching technique in the world

– Your children learn football in a professional, safe, fun and positive environment

– Great value for your money

Coerver Coaching offers you:

Group attack Consists of exercises and games aimed at improving small racing games with an emphasis on quick counterattack.

Moves (movements 1v1) Consists of exercises and games that teach the player individual movements, which will help him create free space when facing solid and closed defenses.

Ball mastery (ball dominance) Each player with their ball. Repetitive exercises, aimed at improving the control and feeling of the ball using both feet.

Finishing It consists of exercises and games that aim to improve the player’s individual technique and encourage him to use their instinct when they are near the end.

Receiving and passing It consists of exercises and games, which aim to improve the first contact with the ball and to encourage the player to pass with creativity, accuracy and imagination

Speed Exercises and games, aimed at improving the agility, acceleration and strength of the player, with and without the ball.

Liam Brady, Ireland assistant manager
Academy Director – Arsenal FC

“We at Arsenal strongly believe in the Coerver ® Coaching method. We want all our young players to be exposed to it. That’s why we invited and appointed Alfred Galustian in charge of technical training for our coaches.”

FIFA World Cup™ Champion - Head Coach Brazil

” The reactions from the participants of the seminar organized by Alfred in Brazil were excellent. It was attended by many former world-class players and coaches and it was clear to us that the Coerver ® Coaching method encourages and teaches individual skills and creativity that are necessary both in our country and in other countries”

First Team Coach – Manchester United FC

“I was appointed by Sir Alex Ferguson as a technical coach because I was a Coerver coach. We both believe that the Coerver ® Coaching method is the best way to teach technique and skills in football.”

Head Coach Spain National Team FIFA World Cup & UEFA Euro Champion.

“We all received and accepted the message from the Coerver ® Coaching seminar organized by Alf at Real Madrid, since our goal, especially in the developmental ages, is to perfect the technique. At a high level, any system or tactic we apply in a match will collapse if players do not have a high level of technical training”

Most capped professional player of all time, Double FIFWorld Cup Champion, Double Olympic Gold Medal Winner, USA.

Coerver ® Coaching has a long history, is authentic and the best teaching method I have ever encountered. “I trained with the Coerver ® Coaching method throughout my career and it definitely helped me become a much better player”

john collins
Former Everton FC, Celtic FC, Monaco FC and Scotland Captain

“When I was young I was a student of Coerver ®. It helped me so much in my career that I will unreservedly recommend the Coerver ® Coaching method to all coaches, parents and players.”

jose morais chelseqa
First team Coach – Real Madrid CF, Chelsea, Antalyaspor, AEK Athens

” In developmental ages the basis and main goal of teaching should focus on learning technique, the Coerver ® Coaching method was my first contact with training material of this kind and philosophy. From the very first years, the Coerver ® Coaching method introduces dexterity exercises under pressure conditions similar to those of a match, and this helped me both personally and in my work. “

Award winning Times journalist and Author of Bounce

” The Coerver ® Coaching method is a great way to become proficient and unpredictable in football. It shows us that complex movements and exercises can be taught using clever ways and continuous practice. “

Former Technical Director French Football Federation, Former manager Liverpool FC, Lyon FC & Aston Villa FC

” Coerver ® Coaching is the best method of teaching technique and skills I have ever come across. Even after 25 years it continues to evolve and fascinate “

England Legend and Football Development Manager – Newcastle United FC

“All young players can improve their technique significantly by following the Coerver ® Coaching method. I have known other methods, but Coerver ® Coaching excels”