Empowering football careers with precision and passion

ATM Sports Management Ltd provides comprehensive career management services for football players.

It is well known that professional football is a highly competitive industry, and many talented players may struggle to break into professional football. Our company helps players find opportunities to perform and attracts the attention of coaches and scouts.

Furthermore, there are many different aspects in professional football, aside from playing on the field, that are also important for a player’s success. This can include financial management, negotiations with clubs and agents, document processing, tax issues, and more. Our company provides professional assistance in these areas so that players can focus on their game and not waste time dealing with mundane matters.

ATM Sports Management Ltd services today:

  • Securing entry permit if needed / If there is a requirement for an entry permit to Cyprus for the football player, our company will take care of all the procedures to make sure they will enter the country
  • Pickup from the airport / When the football player arrives in the country our company offers high quality services. An appointed member of the company and a professional driver will pick up the football player from the airport and take them to their place of residence
  • Accommodation in hotel/flat/house / The football player will reside in a hotel unit that offers everything to make sure they have a welcome stay
  • Transportation regarding the footballer’s sports program / Our company will fully take care of every transportation to scheduled athletic activities
  • Full sports nutrition / Our company will provide a complete sports nutrition program for footballers to optimize their athletic performance, consisting of tailored meals and supplements
  • Complete sports medical examinations / All athletes will be examined by a team of doctors to know exactly the state of health of the athlete before the start of training.
  • Player’s insurance / The player will be provided with insurance to cover any unwanted injuries
  • Ergometric tests / The company will perform ergometric tests with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the results are accurate and reliable
  • Individual training program with a specialized coach / The company will offer an individual training program by specialized coaches with the aim of improving the football player’s weaknesses so that the player has a full workout and to be on full alert
  • Training program with another players/team / The footballer will train daily with other footballers and 3-4 times every month will participate in friendly football matches with Cypriot teams and teams from other countries that come to Cyprus to prepare. Coaches and scouts from other teams will be invited to these games
  • Video recording of trainings and games / The company will offer video footage of some of the footballer’s training sessions and matches so that the points that need improvement can be identified
  • Video analysis of the match and tactics lesson / This service includes a detailed analysis of video materials related to football matches and tactical lessons in order to identify weaknesses and improve the player’s strategy, helping coaches and players to enhance their performance and achieve better results
  • Career planning / This service involves creating a career plan for the player, including identifying their strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and creating a roadmap for achieving those goals
  • Sports psychologist / The necessity of a sports psychologist for a football player is to help them manage their emotions, enhance mental toughness, and improve performance on the field. Our company cooperates with the best specialists in this field and provides the player with the required psychological strengthening upon request
  • Personal Branding / This service involves developing the player’s personal brand, including creating a website, managing their social media accounts, and creating content that showcases their talents and personality
  • Videoclips creation and promotion to teams / Individual video clips that we will upload on our page and will show the abilities of the football player on the field and then the promotion of the videos to teams.
  • Monthly progress update / The coaches of our company will present their views on the progress of the footballer every month
  • Creation of a professional CV and promotion to teams / Our company will create the professional CV of the footballer with all the teams he has played for and all his abilities and provide it to all possibly interested teams and football agents
  • Promotion of the player to teams for trials to secure a contract / Once we find out that the player is at a level that can go for trials, our company takes responsibility for promoting him to other teams for trials, in an effort to find a team to secure a contract. The signing of a contract with a player is entirely dependent on the team and cannot be secured by the company
  • Legal advices and Contract Negotiation / This service involves negotiating the terms of the player’s contract with their club or team, ensuring that they are receiving a fair deal in terms of salary, bonuses, and other benefits.
  • Media Training / This service involves preparing the player for media interviews and appearances, teaching them how to handle tough questions and present themselves in the best possible light
  • Provision of physiotherapist services if needed / In case that the footballer needs extra treatment then it will be offered by our company
  • Continuous support from the company in all issues that may concern the player


Our goal is to help football players achieve their full potential both on and off the field by providing them with the necessary support and guidance. We aim to offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to player management, focusing on developing long-term relationships and creating opportunities for our clients to succeed in their careers.