In a green natural environment such as that of the Solea area, where dense pines and luscious green are all around you, utilizing the sports facilities of the area we created the Solea Sporting Center.

Its geographical position with the altitude of about 900m, fresh air, the climatic conditions that prevail during the summer season and the modern facilities make it one of the most complete sports training centers of our country which can be well compared with the corresponding high-level sporting centers abroad.

With the above comparative advantages, it is not just a coincidence that many first division football teams, football academies and teams of other sports prefer the Solea Sporting Center for their preparation.

Kakopetria Stadium

The Community Stadium of Kakopetria is located at the foot of Mount Troodos and specifically on the north side of the mountain range. It is located at an altitude of about 800 meters and is the tallest stadium of Solea Sporting Center.

The playing field has dimensions of 105 x 65 meters which was reconstructed in 2018 and there is lighting for night games. In its auxiliary areas there is a mini football field, a football field and a field for footvolley.

The locker rooms are very comfortable with tables for the coaches of the teams, beds for massaging the football players as well as a cryotherapy bath. The capacity of the stadium is about 2,500 fans.

Korakou Stadium

The Community Korakou stadium is located on the west side of the village. The playing field is 100 x 65 meters and there is lighting for night games. A footvolley field can be set up in its auxiliary areas.

It is the only stadium of Solea Sporting Center that has a gym on its premises.

It also has a massage area for footballers. The locker rooms have tables for the coaches of the teams and the capacity of the stadium is 1000 fans.

Kaliana Stadium

The Community Stadium of this small community was modernized together with its facilities in 2017 with the passion and selfless offer of most of its inhabitants.

A real gem for the Solea Sporting Center, at an altitude of about 600 meters, in a picturesque spot on the northwest side of the village where the green prevails. The playing field has dimensions of 100 x 60 meters which was built in 2017 and there is lighting for night games.

A footvolley field can be set up in its auxiliary areas. The locker rooms have tables for the coaches of the teams and the capacity of the stadium is about 500 fans.

Athletes’ Accommodation

The athletes’ accommodation can be found in the village of Kakopetria, in hotels that our sports center has been cooperating with for years. All rooms have bath/shower, toilet, heating and we can accommodate up to 250 athletes.
The restaurants serve the athletes in a buffet while in the wider area there are recreational games and other table games for the athletes entertainment.

Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall “Charalambos Koukoularidis” in Galata adorns the community of Galata. This is a sports facility built based on European standards and offers all the ideal conditions for proper sports activities.

The room is suitable for indoor soccer (futsal), basketball, volleyball, handball and badminton.

The premises also house the offices of the Solea Sports Center. The capacity of the hall is 500 fans.